nj responds


The "NJ Responds to the Crisis in Darfur Coalition", was formed in 2005 in the aftermath of a political rally calling attention to the gravity of the crisis. It has worked in the following areas:

  • Educating
    The N.J. Coalition is a resource to schools throughout the State interested in educating and advocating against the genocide in Darfur.
  • Raising our voices
    We endorse and provide resource support to local grassroots initiatives around the State through endorsing events, speaking at rallies, raising funds, and undertaking advocacy campaigns.
  • Advocating – The Coalition works to galvanize national and local elected officials to speak out and take action on the issue of Darfur The New Jersey Coalition is proud of the leadership role that New Jersey has played in this effort to end genocide in Darfur through divestment, state and national legislation calling for action, and keeping pressure on China to use its influence in Sudan.

Past Initiatives

New Jersey is a thought and activist leader on Darfur.